Free return

Free return

You have received the goods; have you changed your mind?
No worries: you have 14 days to free return the product and ask for the refund of your payment, shipping costs included.


How to request a free return?


Download the form

and send it completely filled in


Print the label

that we will send you via e-mail and stick it on the package by covering the previous one.


Prepare the package

in the original box with all accessories and packaging.


Wait for the package pick-up

We will send our courier, for free.


Get the refund

after we receive and check the goods

Keep it safe

To reimburse you as soon as possible it is necessary that the goods are not damaged during the return shipping. To avoid transport damages, please pack the goods at your best, by using original protections and packaging, so that the contents are not damaged during the shipping. Close the package safely with plenty of tape and, if the shipping was made on a pallet, use it for the return shipping as well.


To use the free return, the goods must be only unpacked and/or turned on to check their integrity and functioning and cannot be used for a different purpose.

The end user is responsible for the decreasing of their value due to a handling different from the one necessary to establish the goods nature and characteristics.

The return from A to Z

The Right of Withdrawal is regulated by the Consumer Code and concerns only the trade between seller and private and non-professional end users.

You have the right to withdraw from the purchase up to 14 days after you, or an appointed third party different from the courier, have physical possession of the goods. If you purchased more products, the 14 days start from the delivery of the last package.

To exercise the right to withdrawal, you must fill in the form that you can find on this page and send it to: After we receive the form and we verify that your request follows all requirements for the withdrawal, you will receive at the e-mail address specified during the order process label for the pick-up; the label must be printed and stuck to the package, together with all information that might be useful for the courier. The refund of the payments that you made to us, shipping expenses included, will be carried out after we receive the products.

This refund will be carried out through the payment method used for the order.

Returns FAQ
Can I return the goods after the delivery?

Of course, you can use the right to withdrawal within 14 days since the delivery. The return is free and you will receive a refund of your payment, shipping costs included. For further information see the page Free Return.

In the event of a return, do I have to pay the return shipping costs?

No, you don't: the return is completely free for the customer within 14 days since the delivery. For further information see the page Free Return.

Can I return only some of the products that I ordered?

Of course, you can return only some of the products: we will refund you of the price of the products that you returned and the relevant shipping expenses.

I have bought with VAT registration number; can I return the product?

To use the right to withdrawal you must be a natural person: the right to withdrawal is not valid for companies.

Can I return a customised product?

No, you can't; the free return is not valid for customised products.

My order included extra services or extra costs. Will I receive a refund?

No, you won't. The withdrawal from a contract does not include the refund of extra services and extra expenses.


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